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    The Future Highest Building in the World: The Tower in Dubai

    14. March 2018

    The construction “The Tower” in Dubai Creek Harbor will be the largest building in the world when it is completed in 2020.

    Architecture at the highest level

    The building will be the heart of the district, providing an impressive 360 ​​degree view of the near and far. The exact height is not yet known. However, first-course numbers start from at least 3,045 feet (928 meters). It is possible, that the building may even reach the 1,000 meter mark. The highest building in the world so far – the Burj Khalifa with 828 meters – would be exceeded by any means. The estimated costs amount to one billion US dollars.

    The project is to be the landmark of the technically sophisticated Dubai Creek Harbor district. This is a huge urban development project and intelligence center that will focus on developments in artificial intelligence. The building itself will be a mix of luxury residences and commercial use. Special highlights include garden terraces inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

    Santiago Calatrava – The man behind the project

    A project of this magnitude involves the problem of reaching technical limits in design. Accordingly, it requires a man who can implement a more extravagant and courageous style. This man is Santiago Calatrava, Spanish architect, civil engineer and artist. His real field of expertise is the construction of transit buildings such as train stations and bridges. However, he has already proved it in the 190 meter high “Turning Torso” that he can implement his plans in the air. The building in Malmö rotates 90 degrees from base to top, reminiscent of a twisted human torso.

    This also has consequences for the construction of “The Tower”, which is subject to a completely innovative construction concept. The floor plan of the building is extremely narrow, so that it is more reminiscent of the construction of a TV tower or ship’s mast than a broad, solid skyscraper. For anchoring the floor, interlaced steel cables are used. This is actually a principle known from cable-stayed bridges. In the construction of a skyscraper, such a construction has never been dared. Correspondingly, Calatrava might thrust into dimensions as Gustave Eiffel did back then – if his design works.

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