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    A Perfect Father’s Day At Goodwood Estate

    1. May 2018

    Normally, with our friends at Goodwood, we are track driving on the incredible historic circuit, attending the Festival Of Speed or simply having a little lunch at the Kennels. Little did we know there is much more on offer.

    Thankfully, we had a lovely Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge on the drive courtesy of our friends at RR and we headed out for a day of adventure at the Goodwood Estate. With the weather shaping up into a dry morning, we drove the spectacular Tungsten Ghost towards Chichester. We met our contacts at the Goodwood Hotel and embarked towards our first activity.

    Shooting Time

    The first activity of this special Father’s Day event was a spot of shooting. Yes, Goodwood has a shooting range, and its extensive! Malcom was our host at the Clay Lodge, where we learned gun handling, shot clay pigeons and finally shot some doubles! The outdoor space was awesome and each bay had a diverse trap system which kept things very interesting. We finished with a breakdown of scores and there was plenty of assistance, coaching and expertise on hand the whole time.

    Lunch Like A Farmer

    Farmer, Butcher, Chef. What can we say about this place better then Goodwood themselves…


    “Farmer, Butcher, Chef is our exciting restaurant located just yards from Home Farm. The final stage of a unique process dedicated not only to showcasing our meat in terms of flavour, quality and provenance, but also to achieving the very best yield from our livestock. Goodwood has been farmed by the family for over three hundred years and is one of the only self-sustaining organic farms in Europe”.

    The place was incredible and the food on offer was flavourful, homely, wholesome and tasteful. Farmed by the Dukes of Richmond for over 300 years, the approach they employ and the food that was served ensured we enjoyed a meal to be remembered.

    Golf Like A Pro

    Moving on to the next activity, with a stomach full of amazing food, we headed to the driving range for some golf tuition. Learning to swing, grip and hit the ball properly, pretty much everyone in attendance came out a better player. We were coached by a pro, assisted and trained throughout the session.The estate actually has two 18-hole championship golf courses on site and there isn’t anything better then a wonderful lunch at the Kennels after hitting a few big ones on the driving range. I still need a little work on my swing, however!

    Drive Time/Slip & Slide

    The final activity we had planned was to slip and slide on the low friction circuit on the estate. I’ve had plenty of time on the circuit and love it but I had no idea there was also a low friction track for handling exercises. This was a great place to get in a couple cars and learn how to control a car out of traction. With instructors and plenty of drive time, drivers of all levels can come out of this experience with new skills. On top of that, its epic fun skidding cars around and learning a J-Turn. The track is small but makes for an epic time and what a perfect end to a day of adventure.

    Heading Home Via Ghost

    Whilst enjoying the ride home in the Black Badge, I started thinking how much is actually going on over there. My eyes were opened! Goodwood is so well known for its charm, ethics and incredible race circuit, but beyond that is plethora of other activities to enjoy. This Father’s Day experience is a great way to get a taste of whats on offer at the estate and there is also so much more, like flying, track events, classic car racing, horse racing and dining.

    Thanks for a lovely day out to Goodwood Estate and you can find out more right here.

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