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    Rolls-Royce Road Tripping With The Wraith

    26. May 2017

    When it comes to the pinnacle of luxury and lifestyle motoring, one car we love spending quality time with is the Rolls-Royce Wraith

    There are many reasons for driving a car like this. Firstly we are looking at a gloriously smooth and powerful 6.6 litre V12 Engine with 624hp which is capable of producing 800Nm of torque. As if that wasn’t enough, the monster will sprint from 0 t0 60mph in 4.4 seconds. With a ZF 8-Speed automatic transmission, which is satellite guided, the car shifts gears super smoothly and without the driver even having to worry.

    Assembled in Goodwood, England these cars are hand built to the highest standard. With impeccable materials and craftsmanship. The woodwork is stunning, the leather work is gorgeous too, but we have explained about all of that in our Visit To Goodwood article, so take a read.

    For this adventure, we headed out to Edinburgh from London on a road trip of endurance and comfort. This is something RR is so well known for. The many miles we covered were done so in pure class. The smooth V12 offers beautiful linear power and will cruise for hours on end without you even noticing time itself passing by. I mean, whats London to Scotland in 2017, when the Silver Ghost was named “The Best Car In The World” by critics for completing the 14,371-mile Alpine Trial in 1913.

    Sometimes people forget about the amazing engineering underneath the pretty exteriors of RR Motor Cars. The Wraith features a reworked version of the Ghost’s air suspension and adaptive dampers taking care of all the bumps the road has to offer. The ride is refined and smooth throughout, thanks to that very system. Moving inside, the plush leather seats and double insulated cabin keep you cosy as could be, with the incredible bespoke RR Audio System providing the soundtrack. The infotainment and connectivity is brilliant to, with mobile office and concierge services for getting work done on the go. Utilising the BMW originated i-drive interface is easy and fast. It has responsive input and output with an intuitive operating system. The maps and navigation are also a breeze to use and as you drive, you feel that every element in the car whether electronic or mechanical is all created to make your drive effortless.

    We ventured towards our destination, the sun shining and the Sprit Of Ecstasy leading us. The final stopping point for the night would be one Carlowrie Castle, which we have featured over in our Travel Section (well worth a look at if you are looking for  one of the best voted luxury residences in Europe to stay or host an event at). Pulling into the glorious grounds in the heart of Edinburgh but in a world of its own, the Wraith was perfectly at home.

    Wraith is about power, stance and performance. it’s bold design and incredible engineering make it a special car built clearly for a special client. The added lifestyle element of Rolls Royce shines through with their ability to create bespoke design and features for the driver and once you are partnered with your Wraith, the rest is history. Take a look at more info on the Wraith at Rolls-Royce.

    Photos taken with Sony Alpha Cameras

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