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    Fully Digital: This is the new Audi A3 Sportback

    18. March 2020

    A lot has happened since Audi laid the foundation for the premium segment of the compact class in 1996 with the A3. Numerous competitors compete with Ingolstadt for customers – and Audi itself is not idle either. The A3 is still the original, which is why the fourth generation is now on the road.

    No, the A3 is not a sports car, so it doesn’t fluff up like one. Nevertheless, its look is anything but modest. The subject is dictated by a large front with such huge air inlets that the Audi rings almost disappear into it. The angled LED headlights fit almost cheekily into this picture: He doesn’t do anything, he just wants to play. And he’s damn good at that. The dynamics come from a petrol or diesel engine, which can deliver up to 150 HP as desired and is only moderately thirsty with a consumption of around 4 to 5 liters per hundred kilometers. The 6-speed gearbox can be shifted culturally and ensures that power becomes driving pleasure. The lightning-fast seven-speed S tronic is also available as an option.

    The interior is amazingly large

    Although the A3 Sportback is only 4.34 meters long and 1.82 meters wide without a mirror, it offers space for 2 rows of seats. The rear passengers also have no risk of thrombosis when traveling in the A3, and even the fully occupied car still has a trunk volume of 380 liters to offer. With the rear seat bench folded down, the volume even increases to 1,200 liters. If you use the A3 more often for transport purposes, you may even be pleased with the optional electric tailgate, which is activated by foot control.

    All assistants on board

    As an important player in the luxury class, Audi also allows its compact vehicles to benefit from technical achievements. Thanks to the predictive avoidance assistant Audi pre sense front, a high level of security is already standard. Other driver assistance systems such as lane change and exit warning as well as cross-traffic and parking assistant. The adaptive driving assistant, which has found numerous fans in the luxury class, helps to maintain lane, speed and distance from the vehicle in front.
    Ergo: Even in the compact class you don’t have to do without sportiness, comfort and safety.


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