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    This is the all new Audi RS7 Sportback: Our prayers were finally answered

    26. September 2019

    Compared to its predecessor, the new RS7 has been developed so significantly that even the average Joe will notice it immediately. What was once reserved only to the little brother (RS6) is now also reflected in the design and performance of the RS7.

    Only a few cars with road approval can technically hold a candle to the RS7.
    A 4.0-litre V8 biturbo is located under the bonnet, providing a full 600 hp output and a constant torque of 800 nm between 2,050 and 4,500 revolutions.

    According to the manufacturer, this engine accelerates the RS7 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds and 200 km/h in 12 seconds. In our tests, we were even able to undercut these numbers. We managed the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds on average, while we reached 200 km/h in 11.3 seconds.

    With the optional dynamic package plus, the top speed increases from the regular 250 km/h to a full 305 km/h.

    0-100 km/h with Launch Control:

    Maximum control in any cornering position

    As standard, the new RS7 rolls off the assembly line with an RS-specifically tuned air suspension with controlled damping. Thanks to the three different adjustable modes, the RS7 is perfectly suited for everyday use and long-distance journeys as well as sportier rides. In combination with the optionally available dynamic all-wheel steering systems, buyers get the best of both worlds.

    Ambitious racing drivers will thoroughly enjoy the more agile sports suspension plus Dynamic Ride Control as integrated roll and pitch compensation. This feature ensures safe road handling even at high speeds. It feels as if the vehicle and asphalt are one component, particularly on winding roads. The built-in steel springs and three-stage adjustable dampers counteract the vehicle’s movements without the use of electronics or any time delay.

    Wide surfaces and sharp lines

    The field of sports-coupés suitable for everyday use is, of course, no new territory for Audi. For years, Audi has been synonymous with sporty, sleek cars that are at the forefront in terms of safety, technical equipment and engine performance. Even the station wagons of the Bavarian carmaker (“Avant”) have always had a line that blurs distinction from the classic sports car.

    With the new RS7, of course, the designers were able to continue down this road even more consistently. The result is a sports coupé that makes the hearts of the most pampered car fans beat faster. From the front, the radiator grille is the first thing that catches the eye, and between its huge air intakes even the striking Audi logo recedes into the background. The effect of the narrow LED headlights is further underlined by the enormous width of the vehicle. At the height of the front fenders, the RS7 reaches a full 1950 mm, and a few more millimetres are added to the displayed wheel arches.

    The standard 21-inch rims can optionally be exchanged for 22-inch rims, which clearly emphasise the sporty-aggressive look.

    More than impressive is also the crisp rear with the curved tear-off edge and the light band that connects the combination rear lamps. From a speed of one hundred kilometres per hour, a spoiler integrated into the tailgate automatically extends, further underlining the power and dynamics of the RS7.

    Gran Turismo or sports car?

    You no longer have to choose between these two options. The four-door model of the RS7 offers a spacious interior with two front sports seats and a three-seater bench in the rear. That’s why the RS7 is not only suitable for a short drive in the countryside, but also for a long ride with several passengers.

    More info: Audi RS7 Sportback

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