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    The 1900 hp Car: Pininfarina Battista

    24. June 2019

    We have used a plethora of superlatives to describe some very powerful cars lately. With this sports car, however, the English language reaches its limits. Which word would be the most suitable to define 1,900 horsepower? Maybe simply: Galactic – but with road approval.

    Just a few years ago, even the most visionary technicians would have laughed out loud if they had been told the technical data of this sports car: under the hood is a battery that combines an incredible 120-kilowatt hours of power. Sufficient to take the 1,900-hp car up to 450 kilometers. Within a charging time of 25 to 40 minutes, the empty battery can be 80% recharged. Of course, the acceleration of this 730-kilogram super sports car is particularly exciting. In just two seconds it goes from a standstill to one hundred kilometers per hour. It is by no means absurd to think of a rocket or a jet engine with such equivalence. Because of its electric motor, this is more than surprising.

    Inside, the Pininfarina Battista feels more like the cockpit of an airplane than a car. Comfortable bucket seats and a tidy interior with only a few switches and buttons welcome the driver and front passenger. Too much distraction would be poison if you were to steer such a car through traffic. Even on a completely free motorway and in the best weather, it takes a lot of sensitivity and driving experience to get the Battista close to its top speed of 350 km/h. The Battista’s speed is a bit of a challenge for the driver and the passenger. After all, the Battista has almost twice as much power as a Formula 1 sports car.

    Unique – just like its Croatian cousin

    To develop the Battista, the Pininfarina engineers sat down with their colleagues from the Croatian sports car manufacturer, Rimac Automobili. The result is a joint drive concept for the Battista and the Rimac C-Two, another super sports car. Michael Perschke, CEO at Pininfarina, describes both companies as “Frenemies,” i.e. friendly competitors. That’s why the Italians immediately try to underline the uniqueness of their Battista. After all, the Battista shares only 40% of the “DNA” with its Croatian cousin.
    150 copies of the Battista are planned, whose selling price will be more than 2.3 million euros.

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