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    The fastest SUV in the world: Audi presents the RSQ8 in L.A.

    21. November 2019

    At this year’s LA Motor Show, Audi once again shows that it ranks among the top ranks in the ranking of the best vehicle manufacturers. For example, the e-tron Sportback has impressively proven that Ingolstadt offers far more than just one vehicle category. The RS Q8 is not just a coupe, but also an SUV – and thanks to the powerful engine somehow also a sports car. On 20.11. at 4:00 pm CET, the vehicle was presented.

    At first glance, you realize that understatement was not the top guideline of vehicle designers when they designed the RS Q8. You have to look for the emblem with the famous four rings when you look at the car head-on. The reason for this is a huge radiator front, whose air intakes act like a wide open shark mouth. Narrow headlamps flash dangerously on the sides and guide the view on the huge tires. 22 inches are standard here, optional even 23-inch tires can be mounted.

    Looking further around the RS Q8, you will discover two tailpipes, which clearly dominate the crisp rear of the car by size and shape.

    So you do not have to be a car expert to realize that this is a true beast that looks relaxed at the competition. The technical data underline this impression: The V8 engine brings the RS Q8 to 600 hp and a torque of 800 Nm. Such a huge car can not scare the 2.5 tonnes curb weight. In 3.8 seconds, he accelerates the car to one hundred kilometers per hour. At 305 km / h the top speed is reached. Many sports cars can be seen only in the rearview mirror.

    With the aim that even higher speeds mean not only driving pleasure, but also safety, the Rs Q8 of course has the appropriate equipment. The view into the elegant interior shows sports seats and sports steering wheel with Alcantara, which clearly separates the car from a family carriage. These details stand for true sportiness, which is also reflected in the driver assistance systems. The quattro all-wheel drive is standard, with Audi also offering roll compensation and a sport differential for the rear axle as special equipment.


    Incidentally, the RS Q8 has already proven its sporty character: on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring a lap time of 7: 42.253 minutes was achieved. Even before the official premiere, he was entitled to call it the fastest production SUV in the world.

    In December mrgoodlife will extensively test the RS Q8 on Tenerife – and of course report on it.


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