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    Underexposed: Series by Aaron Draper

    22. July 2015

    Too often we walk past them, look at them and have forgotten them after a few steps again – if we notice them at all. The photo series Underexposed by photographer Aaron Draper tries to point out a social problem – the false perception of homeless people in need. With prejudices, general rejection and lack of empathy we look down on them. Even though they are not different from us. Just human being. Aaron Draper considers his series as a success, if it affects even just one person’s perception of the homeless. “[…] I hope to enable people to gain a more humane view of the homeless”.

    Words from the photographer:
    “The goal of Underexposed is to make the homeless as visually appealing as possible in a society that is visually demanding. When it comes to social activism, you achieve greater public awareness by communicating hope as opposed to hopelessness. Hope sells.

    I use lighting as a way to interest the viewer in the subjects shown in Underexposed. I use light for both a physical and a metaphorical reason. When something is underexposed, it means it’s lacking light; there are few details in the shadows. Using a strobe helps illuminate my subjects, bringing them into the light and out of the shadows for others to view and appreciate.”

    More info: aarondraper.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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