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    San Pellegrino’s Stunning Flagship Factory

    23. June 2017 · BY Joachim Skovgaard

    As storytelling is becoming a more and more important part of the decision-making process for a lot of customers, companies are doing everything they can to improve their chances of being the favourite choice for those customers. An example of just the great lengths a company will go to show their story and their origins is the new San Pellegrino flagship factory.

    Designed by the innovative and award-winning architects at BIG, the 17,500 square meters factory will replace the old offices and bottling plant which has been located in San Pellegrino Terme, Italy, for almost 120 years. When asked about the thoughts behind the project, BIG tells us:

    The S. Pellegrino brand identity is deeply rooted in its origin in the San Pellegrino Terme: from the majestic nature, purity of the source and historical heritage, to the century-long development of craft and Italian way of life.

    This means that the factory primarily consists of elements and materials from the valley around the factory. Inside the building, there is a core sample of the mountain with the different materials in the ground. The new factory will not only be just a place for production and distribution of the San Pellegrino products, but also an attraction to visit for anyone interested in the company, it’s history or just the nature around the site. The new S. Pellegrino factory is not only inspired by the surrounding nature, but also by classical Italian architecture, for example like the arc. The construction has not yet begun but is expected to start in 2018.

    More info: BIG.dk

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