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    “Breaking Bad” Cafe in Istanbul makes fan’s hearts beat faster

    3. August 2015

    Watch out “Breaking Bad” fans out there. Deniz Kosan recently opened a very special coffee shop in Istanbul. Even if you can’t really expect blue crystals, what you definitely gonna experience is baristas in yellow jumpsuits and respirators, measuring cups, Bunsen burners and of course a giant periodic table on the wall. The show would have probably looked exactly like this, if Walt and Jesse cooked coffee instead of crystal. Walter’s Coffee Roastery, the cafe’s name, includes all of the show’s key elements and gives brewing coffee a scientific character. There are also muffins with blue toppings which just look like the product of Walter White’s cooking sessions

    Unfortunately, there is only one cafe of this kind right now in Istanbul. So, either you plan on making a stop in Istanbul during your next vacation, or wait for Deniz Kosan to open (hopefully soon) more branches abroad. Anyway, we wish Deniz a lot of success with this great cafe for the future.

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