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    Light at the End of the Tunnel: 10 Good News about the Corona Pandemic

    18. March 2020

    You currently see and read negative news everywhere. To be clear: the crisis is far from over. However, there are also some good news. First things first: We can do it and the world won’t go down.

    1. China closes the last Corona clinic: Do you remember the pictures of special Corona clinics that were pounded out of the ground? There are now so few new infections that it is no longer necessary to operate them.

    2. Indian doctors find a proven remedy for corona: With a combination of active ingredients from lopinavir, retonovir, oseltamivir and chlorphenamine, doctors in India have achieved such good results that they recommend them as therapy worldwide.

    3. Researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center state that they have found an antibody against corona: It is not yet clear exactly what that means and what it is made of. But there is hope if you can identify a weapon against the virus.

    4. All Apple stores in China open their doors again

    5. A 103 year old Chinese woman infected with corona could be discharged as healed after 6 days of intensive treatment.

    6. In South Korea, the number of new infections is decreasing: It is not only in China that there is a return to normal.

    7. The Cleveland Clinic has developed a rapid test that provides information about a corona infection after hours (not just days, as before).

    8. Italy is (so) hard hit because it has the oldest population average in Europe.

    9. Israeli scientists announce the development of a corona vaccine: research is not only on a vaccine in Tübingen. Competition stimulates business – and saves lives. Canadian scientists are also working at full speed and making enormous progress. Another example of successful corona research is shown by a consortium of a biotech company from San Diego, Duke University and the National University of Singapore.

    10. The first corona infected person in the Philippines was discharged from the clinic as healthy.

    Stay healthy and stay at home!

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