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    5 Things That Self-Conscious People Don’t Do

    3. December 2018

    What is the difference between self-confident people and those who have little self-confidence?

    Of course, this difference lies in the thing itself. On closer inspection, however, it is noticeable that there are also some differences in the behavior of self-confident people. It’s worth taking a closer look.

    1. Self-confident people hardly practice criticism

    Self-confident people do not need to criticize other people for their behavior or attitude. At least not if there is no concrete reason (for example, in the relationship between the boss and his employee). The degradation of others, which should strengthen their own self-esteem, is more a matter of people without self-confidence.

    2. Self-confident people do not blame others

    Regardless of whether it is about acknowledging your own mistakes or about forging your own destiny, self-confident people know that by no means the whole world has conspired against them, but that they themselves for the well-being and woe of their lives and their Career are responsible.

    3. Confident people leave the comfort zone

    For your own progress, it means: Get out of the comfort zone. Because that may be comfortable, but does not lead you further. Of course, there is always a risk to move and change things. With enough self-confidence, however, one knows: The chances are ultimately greater than the risks.

    4. Self-confident people are creative

    He who believes in himself develops powers. This includes creativity. Self-assured people can not be stopped when it comes to achieving the goals. Regardless of whether there is a lack of capital, expertise or relationships, there are always ways and means of coming closer to one’s own goals.

    5. Confident people do not run away when there are problems

    Every human being’s life has problems and difficulties to deal with. Self-confident people tackle these problems but offensively and search creatively for a solution, rather than staying with the problem for a long time. Nor are they able to discuss difficulties broadly and broadly with bystanders. That’s why outsiders have the feeling that self-confident people stand on the sunny side of life and seemingly succeed in everything.

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