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    Salud: Tequila Might Be The Healthiest Shot In The World

    7. March 2019

    First of all: Alcohol is neither a medicine nor a staple food, so it is not advisable to consume it excessively.

    However, studies have shown that some alcoholic beverages can have a positive effect on one’s health and well-being. Keep in mind, “well-being” does not mean a cool buzz or intoxication. Most people enjoy tequila because of the lick-shoot-suck routine with salt and lemon, but tequila also has some positive upshots.

    Tequila regulates the blood sugar level

    Animal experiments have shown that Agavin, the active ingredient contained in tequila, has a positive effect on blood sugar levels. After an appetizing meal of Mexican cuisine, a shot of tequila is a beneficial partner on two levels.

    A healthy intestinal flora thanks to tequila

    It goes without saying that tequila is not a basic requirement for a healthy intestinal flora. Nevertheless, the inulin found in agave plants also helps to support the “good” microorganisms and bacteria in the intestines. Another reason to consider tequila a digestive aid.

    Tequila strengthens the bones

    When it comes to strengthening human bones, the effect of a calcium-rich diet is always referred to. Tequila, on the other hand, has a rather indirect effect here: the fructans contained in agave spirits help the body to filter and process calcium from food. At the same time the excretion of calcium by these substances is prevented.

    No hangover with Tequila

    Of course, this is no reason to overindulge. A hangover is often the result of a wild ride through the world of alcohol. Another cause being congeners. These are substances that are produced when the alcohol is burned. As a pure agave product, tequila contains very little of them.

    A low-calorie shot

    Pure tequila performs quite well in the game of calorie counting. In fact, it only contains about two thirds of the calories found in gin. In the classic version, a shot with salt and lemon, the companions are also unsuspicious in terms of calories. However, if you want to enjoy the classic cocktail, “Tequila Sunrise,” you can no longer count on a low-calorie drink.

    By the way, the arguments mentioned here only apply to Blanco Tequila, which is made from 100% blue agave.

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