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    Early Risers: These CEOs Start Their Day Long Before Sunrise

    7. March 2019

    Let’s clear the air right from the start, to calm the nerves of all the late risers: there is no evidence that late risers have little success in their profession or career. However, it turns out the early birds are always the first to get the worm. Some well-known executives of major international corporations are glaring examples of this.

    03:30: The alarm rings for Fiat Chrysler boss, Sergio Marchionne. This is mainly due to the fact that the Canadian-Italian executive wants to take care of the early morning market in Europe.

    03:45: It’s rise and shine for Apple boss, Tim Cook. Of course, it isn’t necessary, but the executive probably appreciates the peace and quiet of the early dawn for e-mails, exercise, and breakfast.

    04:00: Former Metro boss, Dr. Hans-Joachim Körber starts his jogging session. When the neighbors turn for a second glance, Körber is already back home arranging his busy schedule.

    04:15: The sun is up somewhere for Virgin boss, David Cush. Time zones are the reason why the American Virgin executive also gets up early. The offices on the American east coast are now open and Cush can write e-mails or make vital phone calls.

    04:30: PIMCO founder, Bill Gross sits down at his desk, Claus Hipp enters the chapel. After Bill Gross has analyzed the world stock market, the baby food manufacturer uses the early hour to reflect in a nearby chapel.

    05:00: Early morning exercise for AOL boss, Tim Armstrong. The CEO of AOL has his own strategy. In order not to spoil his mood after waking up early, he first enjoys a productive workout routine then stretches his fingers before writing countless e-mails during the long commute to work.

    05:30: Meditation session with Twitter boss, Jack Dorsey. Former General Electric boss, Jeff Immelt reads the newspaper. Railway boss, Rüdiger Grube wakes up. Fashion consultant, Tim Gunn trains. Slowly, (almost) all the men on the executive floors wake up. Everyone has their own strategy for the best way to start the day.

    05:45: Virgin founder, Richard Branson, kitesurfs. For most people, kitesurfing is more of an adventure experienced during holidays. For Richard Branson, it’s a part of everyday life. As a rule, however, very early in the morning.

    06:00: Investor Kevin O’Leary checks how the shares are performing. Starbucks boss, Howard Schultz works out with his wife before breakfast. General Motors boss, Mary Barra arrives to the office. In comparison, the executives mentioned here seem to be late risers. Nevertheless, they are far earlier than the average employee.

    07:00: Pepsi boss, Indra Nooyi doesn’t need an alarm clock to wake up. What a dream to be able to awaken without an alarm clock and still be in the office on time. For the boss of Pepsi group, the dream is real. One only wonders what time she goes to bed to acquire such rhythm.

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