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    This Is How You Motivate Yourself For An Effective Workout

    11. April 2019

    “No pain, no gain” they like to say. The amount of truth behind this saying depends on how much you identify with a workout and how well you follow through.

    After all, measurable and visible results can only be achieved if you maintain a regular training schedule. A minimum of once a week is mandatory. However, several training sessions are better.

    But what happens if that initial momentum starts to slow down and you begin to drag yourself with very little enthusiasm? Then it’s time for a motivation offensive!

    1. Music brings momentum to your legs

    A winning combination of movement and reward stimulation: a clever design from years of evolution. Research has shown that music stimulates motor function and helps you last longer… while exercising.

    This is an advantage that is particularly beneficial in endurance sports, especially if you work with a 4/4 time and 140 to 160 BPM (beats per minute). Try a variety of beats and tempos, see what works for you. You just might find it’s all about that bass and a good groove to put you in the right mood.

    2. Your reward is already waiting for you – it just wants to be earned first

    It’s no wonder that hardly anyone begins training without an incentive. Weight loss or better health are far too vague of a goal.

    Set clear goals and rewards that truly inspire you: You must be eager to achieve at least one intermediate goal. Great sports shoes invite you to run… But the idea of being ready to attend a concert, which is waiting for you at the end of several kilometers of jogging, will make you ecstatic.

    The most important thing about a reward is that it must be so appealing to you that you will still find it inspiring even after being redeemed three or four times. This is the only way to turn your training into a routine and make it continue with lasting enthusiasm.

    3. Train smart

    Nobody’s asking you to do the IRONMAN triathlon after two weeks. Ultimately, however, you are responsible for your training program. With too much pressure and too high expectations, your goals can easily slip out from underneath you.

    Start your fire with a low flame and let it gradually rise. You are your own hero and if your buddy runs 1.1 seconds faster than you in the 100 meter dash, so be it. The main thing is that you run – regularly and with a positive mental attitude.

    4. Where do you want to go and who supports you on your way?

    The bottom line is that you are your best opponent because nobody can compare with you better than you. It’s okay to fight your muscle-forming alter ego with the help of a training plan and a data list. Show him how you can look after a few months if you run or swim habitually.

    And if worse comes to worst, a serious coach with experience can support you as well. There are new methods and exercise programs that will help you discover muscles you didn’t even know existed. These changes will not only make life sweeter, they will expand your body and mind.

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