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    10 Sure Signs That You’re Approaching 30

    11. April 2019

    Thirty? Already, really? It’s hard to believe. You just graduated from university last year, right? Maybe your friends will tell you, in principle, that it’s just a number and everyone is as old or young as they feel anyway. Nevertheless, some things do change that you may not have thought about before.

    1. A healthy diet is important to you.

    Which does not necessarily mean that you have committed yourself to a radical diet and no longer allow yourself any culinary pleasures. But the detour to Burger Barn gives you a bad conscience, as does the sight of the empty whisky bottle on the floor.

    2. You feel your body.

    But not like a few years ago when you felt your muscles after the workout. It is the new normal that something always hurts. Not painfully violent, but totally annoying. And suddenly, you understand why so many people can only sleep comfortably in their own bed.

    3. You have money.

    At least after you have completed your studies quickly and confidently, or have already been able to make a career after your apprenticeship. It pours down on you from all directions. You want to invest the money and plan for the future, but you don’t really have the mindset for it at the moment.

    4. Tired? Extremely.

    If you think back a few years, no particular day had more hours than today. But you made much more of the day. Moving after work then off to the slopes? In the past, this was a matter of course. Today, a good beer and Netflix, or your favorite TV program, are just enough for you.

    5. Children, children…

    Actually, you still consider yourself as youthful. Your friends are already bringing their offspring to the nursery. Your minimal, available time is used quite differently. But at least you can enjoy the new Kendrick Lamar song without anyone telling you to turn it down.

    6. Do you remember the time…?

    Wasn’t it always grandma and grandpa who regularly used phrases like this? Now it’s you who is saying, “Back in the day…”

    7. There is always a reason for alcohol.

    And for a conversation about alcohol. As a teenager you may have used pseudonyms to prevent adults from getting nervous. Today, you probably still have an opinion about alcohol. If you don’t stand up radically for abstinence, you can wax poetic about your favorite beer, your favorite wine or the best whiskies in the world. And you also know which details to pay attention to when it comes to gin.

    8. Formal addressing.

    When you were in your early twenties, you had probably considered it a sign of respect when somebody approached you saying, Sir or Madam. Nowadays, even peers do that. The only consolation in it: You’re growing old together.

    9. Excesses are planned.

    It doesn’t matter whether you want to let your hair down at the carnival, Primavera Sound Festival, Oktoberfest – or simply fire up the grill at home and flatten a few crates of beer with your friends. Until now, these events have always been spontaneous. But these days, you have appointments made weeks, or even months, in advance. In the end you’d rather relax in the sun.

    10. You can’t understand today’s youth anymore.

    You have a clear opinion about the youth of today. When you were growing up, everything was completely different! In school, you learned more and the teachers were stricter than today. The language was also completely different. As soon as you hit your 20s, teenagers seemed like aliens to you.

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