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    10 Things You Should Give Up in Favor of More Success

    21. June 2019
    10 Things You Should Give Up in Favor of More Success

    We all wish for success, but some people have more of it than others. Why is that? Possibly because you are (unconsciously) clinging to the wrong strategies. If this is the case, you need a system reboot to achieve better results.

    The following ten tips will help you cast aside the ways of thinking and acting that stand in the way of your success.

    Security is an illusion
    Out of the comfort zone and into adventure. What sounds positive at first can lead one to question whether it is sheer madness or not. The only way to find out is to continue on the journey. Keep in mind, there are no hundred percent certainties for anything in life. So, don’t let the need for too much security hold you back.

    Don’t pretend there are no problems
    Nobody likes them, yet they are undisputedly there: problems. But you don’t solve problems by making them seem insignificant all the time. Take them seriously, define them precisely and only then look for targeted solutions. It often helps to acknowledge a challenge then break it down into small pieces and dissolve it step by step.

    No longer ignore your feelings
    Your feelings are messengers who want to tell you something. For example, anger can stand for powerlessness, fear for an imbalance and listlessness for being burnt out. Listen to your inner voice and what it wants to tell you. Then you can better question what you need and what you are missing and take steps towards improvement.

    Put down your victim mentality
    “Mom / Dad, the others are so mean to me!” What might have helped in kindergarten or in primary school, will not work later in life. Staying in a victim role prevents you from becoming more productive and successful because you are holding yourself in a passive position. Success requires a proactive attitude.

    Don’t try to be desperately liked by everyone
    There will always be people who love or like you and those who don’t care about you or have hostilities toward you. This is perfectly normal. Consequently, it is not worth investing useless energy in wanting to be Everybody’s Darling. Think about which people will effectively support you on your way to success and improve your relationship with them.

    Exaggerated perfectionism leads to nothing
    What you do, you want to do well. Correct, comprehensible, and perfect. This is exactly where the potential danger lies that will slow you down on your way to success. Instead, try to set priorities and find out where your project really needs to be 150 percent accurate and where “normal” attention to detail is sufficient.

    Delegate instead of grinding your teeth
    The days of universal geniuses are over. In the meantime, there are real experts in all fields. Why don’t you benefit from the skills of others and let them help you? In this way, results are achieved in individual areas that you certainly couldn’t have done better yourself. Then you will have more time for your own important tasks.

    Don’t wait for motivation to fall from the sky
    Motivation doesn’t come from heaven, you have to work hard for it. Admittedly, this is not a case for the comfort zone and can be really exhausting. The motto “No diligence, no price” directly proves how true this is. To fight for your own motivation against internal and external resistance has such an advantage that you can be particularly proud of your success afterwards. Which in turn has a motivating effect.

    Tackle it instead of putting it off forever
    If you are waiting for the ideal conditions to start your project and earn the associated success, then you can certainly forget about it. Nothing will happen. Just as security is an illusion, the perfect moment tends to be a beautiful one. Don’t wait, just go. The momentum will help you tackle any adversities that come into play.

    Make astute adjustments
    The path to success rarely leads directly to the goal. Therefore, you will surely end up in a dead end at some point and a correction will be needed. Sometimes an improvement in detail might be enough, but often you have to get closer to the subject. An exact error analysis and careful improvement are always worthwhile. After all, Rome wasn’t built in just one day.

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