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    Be the Change: Inspiring Words by Jay Shetty

    23. February 2017

    We all know that there are things in the world that we need to change.

    We live in a paradoxical society with conflicting priorities, messages and opinions. It is quite overwhelming when we are trying to bring about change in a society where there is a lack of trust in leadership, where we are sceptical about the integrity or organisations we consume from and are worried about who owns our data.

    I remember seeing an advert that said “think global, act local,” and I can’t think of a better phrase that encapsulates what our goal should be. We can all be positive agents of local change. Local to you may mean your family, it may mean your city, your country or it may even mean yourself.

    The world after all is a reflection of ourselves. The battle is actually within. When we start becoming catalysts of change in our circles, empowering others to lead according to their strengths and propensities and provide new perspectives and dimensions we will begin to see the power of love, empathy, support and community.

    Work on the small things in life because one day you will look back and realise they were the big things. Jay Shetty shares motivational messages to inspire personal change, growth and development to act as a catalyst for global change.

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