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    Midnight in Stuttgart With Mercedes-Benz and the the Hiplet Ballerinas

    9. September 2016

    Mercedes Benz just unveiled an episode of Fashion Creatives starring the incredible Hiplet™ Ballerinas of the Chicago Multicultural Dance Centre.

    The visual is full of colour and energy, shot in the Mercedes-Benz museum and directed by L.A.-based award-winning director Ace Norton.

    The beautiful piece reimagines a night at the museum where the worlds of dance and fashion collide within the futuristic architecture of the Mercedes-Benz museum and we thought it would be nice to share it with you.

    As night falls, the security guard closes the showroom filled with classic and never before seen concept cars. Ensuring everything is in its place; he returns to his desk surrounded by security monitors and falls asleep while the mannequins spring to life performing a HipletTM dance sequence choreographed by Homer Bryant.

    More info: Mercedes-Benz Fashion

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