UrbanDiscovery in the new CLA with Mercedes

    27. July 2016

    When our friends at Mercedes invited us to take part in an epic road trip named “UrbanDiscovery”, we just couldn’t refuse. The road trip was a chance to test out the new CLA & CLA Shooting Brake on a dynamic tour from Amsterdam to Berlin. The new CLA has a striking urban appeal with the looks to suit the modern, stylish driver. Elements of the beautiful exterior design and interior have been carefully chosen to stand out from the rest in class. This is Mercedes after all.

    Good Morning Amsterdam!

    We started driving in Amsterdam and turning heads became a natural instinct to most bystanders. Gliding alongside beautiful canals and surrounded by intelligent architecture, we headed from location to location discovering the city. During the trip we also had a chance to visit some of the local food hotspots, most notably, the newly opened restaurant “Madam” located on the 20th floor of the iconic A’DAM Tower. With amazing panoramic views and great tasting food, we recommend you try it out for yourselves. Especially the foodies. We would later sleep at the very hip Sir Albert Hotel in De Pijp, located right next to the museum square and in a truly creative, inspirational environment. UrbanDiscovery.

    Next Stop, Berlin…

    The road was dry and the sun was blazing. With a quick fill of fuel and a brief interaction with some Dutch police who loved our car but not our acceleration coming out of the city, we hit the autobahn with no problems. “It’s louder then usual cars, that’s all officer”. The sporty 2.0 litre engine comes to life when you put your foot down and the exhaust note and upshifts add character to the car. With not amazing amounts of torque but plenty of linear power delivery and a fairly quick box. The CLA is a lot of fun to drive. Considering its size and practicality, the shooting brake is the pick of the bunch for us and it will make most journeys from short city trips to motorway sprints a breeze. Distronic cruise control and comfort mode get the job done on those longer journeys so a short 6 hours later we saw the skyline of Berlin come into sight.

    Hello Berlin!

    From the view of our panoramic glass walls overlooking the zoo and the cityscape we had checked in to the stylish 25Hours Berlin, we all got rested and headed out to explore he city. Vast blends of old and new bring the town to life in full vivid colour. There is history in each step you take and the urban appeal of the hidden streets, food spots, bars, clubs and hotels makes Berlin a never ending discovery to explore.

    The key thing about Mercedes is attention to each detail and after spending time with not only a talented designer from the team, but a futurologist too. During UrbanDiscovery we were able to identify the incredible amount of insight and thought that goes into making these cars. For more information on the cool new CLA, head over to Mercedes.

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