Top Down in The Bentley GTC V8S

    19. July 2016

    Location? A rather sunny England, which is something you don’t see often! When the sun comes out in Britain, you have to bring the British toys out… That meant it was time we got our hands on the GTC and what a time to do so. The car arrived to our UK base on a pretty warm Friday morning, so it was only right we dropped the top on our first spin of the weekend. Here goes our test drive with the Bentley GTC V8S…

    Just to clarify right away, there are not many a Grand Tourer as potent as Bentley’s GT. The slick, muscular design of the body, from those flared wheel arches to the signature front grille and lights just set it completely apart from everything else. It’s that rare beautiful sight you might just get to see out on the roads once in a while. Well, with the top down, that takes the flamboyancy of this particular model to another level. You will be both seen and heard. The surgical exhaust note of the 4.0 litre V8 engine produces the soundtrack to your summer. The car propels from 0-60mph in a mere 4.5 seconds and will climb smoothly all the way to its top speed of 191mph. The engine whacks out 520 horses and 680 Nm of torque, which should do the trick right? Meticulously crafted in the Crewe, UK by an array of specialised engineers, Bentley pride themselves on staggering design and material craftsmanship with each and every car.

    We decided naturally to venture into the wilderness and put the car through its paces. During our road trip around the South Coast of the UK we tackled challenging roads and long motorway straights, whilst utilising all the car had to offer. The only problem we faced is the paddle shift leavers, which are mounted solidly and do not rotate with the wheel. This was slightly difficult for the more technical twists and turns in the road, however the automatic sports position in the transmission works just fine and therefore it’s not the biggest of issues.

    Bentley was also nice enough to let us have a particularly special car. There are many incredible options available from Bentley, which we feel make the car even more special and unique. Most of these, we actually had included in our test car… We had the GTV8S Extended Sports Specification Pack as well as the Premier Specification Pack. The Mulliner Driving Specification AND the All Seasons Specification, too! If you are going to spend the base price of £164,800, then why not add another £46,000 of extras. Yes. Thats why we are saying. This car costs £210,500.

    If you want the best, you pay for it. The motor itself as well as the interior of Bentley are among the best in the world. Couple that with the amazing driving dynamics and the smooth, enjoyable ride and you have literally one of the best cars in the world to carry out one of life’s most important things, “The Journey”. This car does everything right. Its impressive, stylish, powerful, fun to drive and most importantly represents ones elite status within any industry. It’s a statement and an icon amongst motorists around the world and that is why we feel it is so special. We give all credit to Bentley for the creation of this beauty and you can find more information about the Continental GT range over at Bentley Motors.

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