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    Cigarette Racing 515 Project ONE: The new performance benchmark on the water

    4. June 2018

    Ever since the legendary series Miami Vice, Florida’s second-largest city is inextricably linked to cool people, fast cars and boats. But of course, not only die-hard fans of Sunny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs are drawn to the Miami International Boat Show. While winter sports are still held elsewhere in the northern hemisphere, summer is already here – literally full throttle. 

    Cigarette Racing 515 Project ONE 

    There’s no question that Cigarette Racing’s boats would definitely have fallen on Miami Vice’s protagonist as well: there certainly would not be a cooler way to run after fugitive drug smugglers. In cooperation with Mercedes-AMG, the cult brand is now switching gears even higher. The racing boat presented at the Miami International Boat Show is logically like a water sports car. Racing fans have already recognized it by name: Not without reason there is a name equality with the Project ONE sports car manufacturer. Therefore, Mercedes-AMG did not miss to bring the car to the show. Of course, the sports car attracted the attention, but the boat was left the clear lead role. 

    Features that no car has to offer 

    Imagine: A 15.67m long and 2.90m wide car that can carry up to 6 people at a top speed of 225km per hour. Granted, for the road, this data sounds like a bad joke, in a watercraft, but no one is laughing. But to be amazed, even with real connoisseurs of the sports boat manufacturer Cigarette Racing. Although it is not uncommon that his boats drive away from all the others. The parallels to a sports car shown here are, however, a special treat for all the senses, despite many years of cooperation between the participants. 

    The best in their field 

    A collaboration of the best can actually only lead to great results – or it may come to a crash. When Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing agreed to cooperate more than 11 years ago, the participants were well aware of the risks. Nevertheless, they gladly 

    faced the challenge. But it is also clear that this collaboration was not just about idealism coupled with speed. According to Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH, here, above all, the driving performance is to be transferred from the land to the water. 

    In principle, this closes a circle because knowingly the Mercedes star symbolizes motorization on land, on water and in the air. Whether the Project ONE will learn to fly one day remains to be seen. The necessary speed is definitely not missing. 

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