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    The Smart Toilet: This £5,000 Smart Toilet can play music, flush on command and warm the seat!

    4. June 2018
    © Kohler FULLSCREEN

     Today, almost every square inch of our home undergoes an intelligent and digital transformation – except the bathroom. These times could change now. 

    The networking of our home is progressing with no limits. In the meantime, televisions, surround systems, refrigerators and light sources are interconnected and can communicate with each other for the purpose of improving the quality of life and optimizing energy consumption. 

    Intelligent living has found its way into almost all living spaces. Well, except for the quiet place. But does that have to be? Well, why not? Our friends in Japan have enjoyed years of constant development of toilets with an endless list of high-tech features. So far, the rest of the world has had to settle for toilets that have remained unchanged for ages. These “cruel” times are now coming to an end. The plumbing company Kohler wants to bring more lifestyle and technology into our bathrooms. On this occasion, an avant-garde toilet was introduced, which could make the bathroom your new favourite spot in the house. Presented at CES 2018, Kohler’s latest high-tech toilet “Numi” is a state-of-the-art sanitary facility.

    What can the £5,000 Smart Toilet do? 

    The latest model in Kohler’s intelligent toilet features a heated seat, wireless-streaming speaker, Bluetooth features, hot air dryer, hot water, stainless steel bar with UV disinfection, automatic rinse, automatic lid opening and closing, deodorization, touch screen, remote control, foot warmer, night-light, ambient lighting and adjustable water temperature. 

    But what it equates with the latest generation of networked home appliances is the compatibility with digital language assistants to operate the various functions. With KOHLER Konnect ™ with voice-based technology your shower, bath, toilet, mirror and faucet are finally connected. Even before you enter the bathroom, you can prepare your toilet for your session with preferred settings, bring the seats up to temperature and record the speaker unit with your favourite song. The new smart Kohler Numi toilet will be available this year at a price of around £5,000. 

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