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    The 108M Luxury Yacht Concept With It’s Own Private Beach

    3. March 2018

    Hareide Design has introduced a yacht concept of superlatives that directs the focus of its future owner on the beauty of nature.

    Admittedly, this is currently only a concept, but it is a very special kind. With the 108M Mega Yacht Concept, the Norwegian design studio, has designed a yacht that is more than just floating luxury.

    Environmentally friendly

    The hybrid is particularly environmentally friendly and has a garden on deck. 300 square meters of solar panels produce the energy that the lithium-ion batteries need to power the yacht quietly along the coast.  A diesel-electric drive is available in order to travel longer distances in the shortest possible time. The spacious and open space in the lower deck provides an unparalleled view and contact with the surrounding nature.

    Numerous amenities

    On the elevated platform of the yacht are the dining room and a viewing platform. From here, all guests can enjoy the unique view of the horizon. If you miss the departure at the port, you can always catch up with his helicopter and land on the third deck.

    What could be better than to chug through the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean with this dream yacht? You do not even need to go ashore, as the yacht at the stern almost fluently merges into the water. Thus you have your own beach almost always on board. But if you do not like the warm sea water of the Caribbean, you can just jump headfirst into the 20m long pool, surrounded by a quiet garden.

    The 108M Mega Yacht makes even the last landlubber an ambitious sailor.

    More information: Hareide Design

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