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    Take A Look Into Tommy Hilfiger’s 50 Million Dollar Penthouse

    30. April 2018
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    Architecture & Design Magazine Architectural Digest gives us an exclusive glimpse of Tommy Hilfiger’s duplex penthouse apartment in the Plaza Hotel, New York City.

    High above the busy streets of New York City, Tommy Hilfiger and his wife Dee have captured the glories of bygone days in form of an expressive penthouse. Only a few are lucky enough to call the listed property of the Plaza Hotel their home. Beside the 282 rooms the hotel accommodates 151 separate private residences.

    Now, the fashion designer and his wife open the doors to their private and spacious residence, sharing very personal and intimate details. From the French bistro-style kitchen, to the private bedroom with its own mini-bar and a terrace overlooking Central Park, the meticulously designed penthouse is undoubtedly unique and enviable.

    Art and gifts from famous friends

    In addition to the luxurious furniture, the Hilfiger estate is accented by a series of gifts from famous friends, including photographs by Mick Jagger, books by Karl Lagerfeld and a family portrait by Annie Leibovitz. Just recently, the Hilfigers

    Hilfiger’s impressive penthouse was formerly home to The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Marilyn Monroe. Anyone who wants to take a virtual walk around the residence, should not hesitate to press “Play” and enter. Movie off.

    More impressions of the property: Tommy Hilfiger’s Plaza Penthouse

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