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    The Shiki-Shima: Probably the most luxurious train in the world

    4. June 2018
    © Shiki-Shima FULLSCREEN

    Japanese railway company JR East has unveiled a new luxury sleeper train called Shiki-Shima. However, this is more reminiscent of a travelling 5-star hotel than the well-established rail transport.

    Shiki-Shima translates to “Island of the Four Seasons” and has been offering luxurious train travel for up to 34 passengers from Tokyo to the northern Tohoku region to the northernmost island of Hokkaido since the beginning of the year. These two to four-day trips are hard to beat in terms of comfort and luxury. 

    Luxury suites with bathroom, fireplace and piano bar 

    Who likes to sit in a train for four days? The answer is: Everyone, if you take a look inside the Shiki-Shima. There you will find luxurious suites spread across five wagons that leave nothing to be desired. 

    The Standard Suite offers two cosy armchairs that fold out into beds and a full bathroom with shower and toilet. The so-called deluxe suite pampers the passengers with something similar to a fireplace in the middle of the room. The highlight is the Shiki-Shima Suite which is the most expensive room category and reminiscent of a luxurious duplex apartment. It has several full beds and a bathroom with a traditional Japanese bath. 

    The luxury train has a lot to offer, even outside; a restaurant with two starred chefs, a piano bar with parquet floors and a panoramic compartment where passengers can sit on sunbathing areas and watch the stars through huge panoramic windows. 

    Japanese design with Italian touch 

    Industrial designer Ken Okuyama is no stranger. Amongst other things, the Japanese designer is also the man behind the bodies for the Enzo Ferrari and the Ferrari P4 / 5. His latest design prank: The Shiki-Shima. This rolling luxury hotel, with its playful triangular windows and futuristic design, has recently embarked on its maiden voyage through Japan. 

    So much luxury of course has its price: a ticket for a four-day trip from Tokyo to Hokkaido in the Top Suite costs the equivalent of just under £9.000 GBP. One way. 

    More information can be found here 

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