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    Drone Love With The DJI Phantom 4 Pro

    25. November 2017

    Our friends at DJI just sent us the Phantom 4 Pro Drone to have a little play around with and we feel like it’s the must-have drone for the adventurer in each of us. Take Off!

    So the Phantom 4 Pro as you may know is a professional drone from DJIs amazing range of devices. The aircraft comes equipped with a 1” 20 Megapixel CMOS Sensor, capable of capturing optimised 4K Video at 60 frames per second. This means you get absolutely stunning slow motion shots! The wide angle lens takes sharp, vivid images and at high resolutions thanks to the fast F2.8 aperture and features a 24mm focal length. The Phantom 4 Pro cameras mechanical shutter can operate at a maximum speed of 1/2000 seconds and this means brilliant imaging even for high speed subjects. The electronic shutter is also amped up from the original Phantom 4, now capable of 1/8000 seconds shooting 14fps. On top of all of this, it flies… 

    After wirelessly pairing the Phantom 4 Pro to its remote control, and plugging in your mobile device with the DJI GO App installed, you are basically set. The Phantom 4 Drone is one of the easiest aircrafts to fly. It has Five-Direction Obstacle Sensing and will avoid obstacles and collisions via high-resolution stereo vision sensors placed around the craft. The Phantom 4 Pro can fly in tricky environments at a speed of up to 31mph (50kph) while avoiding obstacles. On top of this the aircraft uses an infrared sensing system to further aid the safety of flying the drone.

    Using what DJI call “ActiveTrack” the Phantom 4 Pro can recognise subjects and follow/capture them when they move. For example a car of a person running can be tracked with the built in technology and I must say, this works very well. With a simple user interface and a quick read of the manual, we had the drone tracking our Bentley Bentayga around the Lake District in no time!

    Another awesome feature is TapFly, which is basically as simple as this; You tap on the visible surrounding of the drones camera on your smart device or tablet and voila! The Drone will simply fly there! This is super useful for getting the drone to the next shooting point with minimal effort and control. The drone also features Return To Home, which will get the aircraft right back to where it took off and Gesture Mode, where you can make gestures to the aircraft like raising an arm or holding an arm out to get a photo on a countdown timer. Intelligent Stuff! 

    Using the DJI GO app is half of the fun, and here is where you are able to control and set up your Phantom 4 Pro. You can select your flight modes and set up your camera ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed etc. You also able to choose your image format and view your recordings or pictures. The app serves as a perfect interface for piloting your drone and being creative on the move.

    All in all, the Phantom 4 Pro is incredibly capable, extremely intelligent and easy to operate. The content you are able to create with this gadget is astonishing and DJI have made an awesome device, which isn’t only cool, but useful. Adventurers around the world will be using this drone for years to come and pushing the boundaries of aerial photography.

    More information on the Phantom 4 Pro at DJI

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