Rush Hour in The AMG c63s Sedan

    4. October 2016

    AMG pride themselves in their “one man, one engine” tradition and this can be felt in every detail of the AMG c63s Sedan with Power and Performance. The relationship you instantly create with this car is something special. We just got a chance to spend some time with this car and we have a few things to say about it…

    As you strap in, the seatbelt grips you almost to personally greet you and prepare you for the ride. You hit the start/stop button, delighted as the growl of AMG bi-turbo V8 wakes from its rest. You gently tap the car into drive via the minimal, simple yet so powerful gear selector lever and voila! You are ready to drive…. #JustSaying – The AMG c63 Sedan was made to drive very, very fast.

    Let’s start with the engine.

    I’m a big fan of AMGs twin turbo 4.0 liter V8. It’s a big thumping heart beating within the body of a car that already has so much character. Compared to its closest rival, BMWs M3, (which I love) this is truly a notable archenemy. The M3s straight 6 turbo charged 3.0 litre engine (430hp) is marvellous but this car gives slightly more character and aggression to me. In terms of the nitty gritty and track testing, the BMW will most times win by a tick per lap because of its ability to stay hunkered down on the corners a little tighter (this is a suspension and chassis credit) and exit faster almost every time. The M-Car also weighs less. The Merc turns beautifully too, just with a bit more aggression and power, which results in a tiny bit of time loss due to the animosity under the hood coupled with the rear wheel drive setup (do the math and you’ll find it gets slippy). BUT…. That is the fun part. I think the Mercedes is more FUN and rewarding to drive.

    On the road, you have more then ample power, personality and presence at your disposal. We drove from London all the way up to the Scottish Highlands to sample some of the best roads on this rock. After “evaluating” for a few days, some key highlights for me are the 700nm of torque (HELLO!510 Horsepower, not to mention the gorgeous V8 exhaust note, which is by far one of my favourite sounding pipes. 0-100km/h in 4.0 seconds and a top speed limited to 155mph (expandable to 181mph with the AMG Driver’s Package). Quite a toy.

    The AMG c63s Sedan is beautiful in its own way, but we love the coupe design even more (stay tuned for our review). Either way, those beautiful aggressive styling features front and back just give the car presence from all around. With a classy, well finished interior design, Mercedes also wins for me here, and I think the seats, even though they are of performance variety offer great comfort and stability when performance driving or sideways. Not at all joking here. The carbon fibre trim and IWC Timepiece also bring the Benz to classy heights and this is why we have a special thing for AMG cars, its all in the details, not just the performance. They also do a brilliant job with the in-car tech and with Parking Assist, Burmeister Audio System, Adaptive Cruise Control (Distronic Plus) and the TFT Central Screen/AMG Instrument Cluster you’re basically set. There is even a “Racetimer” function to clock your laps around the track.

    Conclusively, we urge you to check out the AMG range if you are in the market for an intense performance car with a lot of heart and attention to detail. You can drive any speed in this car and enjoy it completely. The care taken in each of these cars can be felt time and time again, so head over to Mercedes for more information on the AMG c63s Sedan.

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