3 Days, 30 Lamborghinis and the Beauty of Italy: The Italian Tour 2016

    12. October 2016

    The Italian Tour underlines the key values that characterize the Lamborghini culture… Enthusiasm for extravagant super sports cars, the joy in exploring unique places and and the love for good food. As a highly exclusive event, the Italian Tour is reserved to customers that share the same passion.

    The weather forecast for the days of the Italian Tour looked quite promising. Sun on all three days and tempereatures above 30 degrees. The ideal conditions for thorough rides through the idyllic landscapes that Northern Italy has to offer. After arriving at the airport of Bologna we went to the small community Sant’Agata Bolognese where the HQ and production halls of Lamborghini are still located. On that site that Ferruccio Lamborghini had once acquired after founding „Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini“ back in 1963. Being a traditional company, Lamborghini is looking back on to a long and successful history. Ever since Lamborghini has become one of the world’s most famous and successful manufacturers of super sports cars.

    After being welcomed at HQ, Clara invited Wang (another journalist) and myself for lunch in the canteen, but walking through the canteen’s door we knew right away that the term „canteen“ as it would be intepreted in Germany, doesn’t do justice to the meals offered. The smell of Italian cuisin was floating in the air. Fish, pasta, pizza and the smell of different spices indicated that we were about to enjoy a real Italian feast.

    Lamborghini has almost 1300 employees working on its 800m² big factory site (that will double its site within 2018), who have lunch at different times. Even though the production of the Aventador and Huracan runs on full blast via two production lines, the mood is easy and relaxed. The workers are remarkably friendly, smiling and greeting us warmly. What a pleasant start to an exciting weekend.

    Luxurious Problems…

    Following the small Italian meal the departure for Rimini caused a crucial problem… You could call it a luxury problem, though. For the drive to Rimini, 150km away, Lamborghini provided two cars that Wang and I could switch beween during the whole Italian Tour. With temperatures above 35 degrees my choice between the Aventador Superveloce and the Huracan Spyder fell on the latter.


    Hopped in, started the engine, opened the roof. Sitting in a Huracan Spyder under the blue skies you just can’t help but smile. The Aventador’s rumbling V12 sound, paired with the Huracan’s V10 ensure true feelings of elation.

    The Aventador’s 6.5-L puts out 750hp. With up to 690Nm this beast does the sprint from 0 – 100 km/h in only 2.8 seconds. It only takes 24 seconds to reach the speed of 300 km/h. The Aventador SV is Lamborghini’s the strongest and fastest production car ever made. The Huracan Spyder features a 5.2 litre naturally aspirated V10 putting out 610hp. It’s 560 Nm accelerate the Italian bull from 0 – 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds. In Strada mode it is indeed pretty comfortable and suitable for everyday life. Even with the roof open. But only in Strada mode. The integrated lift-system would turn out to be a big advantage on the streets of Italy.

    Off to Rimini!

    The Grand Hotel Rimini


    The luxury Grand Hotel Rimini, that openend its doors to guests more than 100 years ago, is a national monument and would be our home for the next three days. Its history literally runs through the overall interior design and architecture. The 5-star hotel functioned as mainstay of the Italian Tour. After a sumptuous breakfast we would leave the hotel at 9:30 every morning. The stops during the Italian Tour were:

    San Marino, Montegridolfo, Urbino, Gradara, Coriano, San Leo, Faenza, Ravenna

    At about 6pm the participants would arrive back at the hotel, right before leaving for the selected restaurants and excellent locations. A dinner at the beach while listening to Italian live music or dining in a dreamlike villa breathed the Italian way of life into all participants.

    One Family

    Italian people have their own special charme in general and know their customers exact wishes. On the spot the whole Lamborghini team conveyed the impression that you are a part of a big family. A part of the Lamborghini family. Just like you’ve known each other for years. The conversations are easy-going and the topics broadly based. Dining in the region’s finest restaurants and drinking fine Italian wine the conversations went for hours. Everybody was clearly having an amazing time.

    As mentioned earlier the Italian Tour is an exclusive event reserved to customers that own one or more Lamborghinis. Of course, as a non-owner you start thinking about how a group of 60 people will react to a new member and how they will welcome you. As it later turned out most of the participants had known each other from the previevious Lamborghini events. The fact that many of the people are taking part in this kind of event not only once is an indicator for the familiar ambience, which is a main part of Lamborhini’s events.

    Despite all the thoughts the group was very open minded towards new faces. After all all the participants have been there for the same reason. They share the same passion for extravagant sport cars. Their heart beats for unparalleled design and an exceptional lifestyle. Birds of the same feather flock together.

    The Italian Charm

    One of the most impressive parts of the Italian Tour has nothing to do with the breathtaking landscape or scenery and only little with the luxury sports cars. It’s much more about the people that make this tour something unique and special. Where else would other road users benevolently wait between 5 and 10 minutes at a roundabout to grant 30 cars right of way? Be it in smaller villages or towns crowds of people get together at the roadsides and pull out their smartphones to capture the peerless moment.

    The mixture of unmistakable amazement and unbridled joy reaches the whole community and every age group. Retired couples stood on their balconies full of euphoria and were calling the rest of their family so that they could witness the specactle first hand. Kids got wide eyes as it was Christmas Eves already. No matter where the convoy showed up we’ve seen beaming faces and a sheer unbelievable amount of thumbs-up. Even by the local police. It was no surprise that a joint refueling quickly turned into a car motor show. It is undenieable how much the company Lamborghini and its cars contribute to the national pride of the Italians.

    Bottom line

    Founder Ferruccio Lamborghini would take huge pride in the Italian Tour. Excellent regional food, the best wines from Italy, an open-minded culture, the friendly and warm people and the unparalleled landscapes of the Emilia-Romagna – all of that makes the Tour – of course in conjunction with the luxury super sports cars – a unique and unforgettable experience. Just the way the founder had imagined.

    Grazie, Lamborghini!

    More info: Lamborghini

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