Coupe/SUV/Tank – The AMG GLE 63s

    7. November 2016

    When you think of Mercedes in general you think style straight away, but performance and driving pleasure are also key highlights of the Daimler Star. With the AMG GLE 63s you are basically let loose in a giant powerhouse of a car. It’s a crossover SUV with attitude. Dynamic looks, aggressive lines and a strong AMG persona.

    Here are some key figures you should know about the AMG GLE 63s… The car can hit 60mph in a casual 4.2 seconds. It produces 430 kW (585 hp) at 5500 rpm and features the Mercedes 5.5 V8 Bi-Turbo. Torque is rated at 760 Nm between 1750 – 5250 rpm and it all goes through an AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC box. With a kerb weight of 2350 kg it feels featherlight but also ferocious in so many ways, hence my nickname for it – Monster Truck. 

    A car of this nature is rare to behold and having Permanent four-wheel drive, you are able to get off the line blazingly fast. The car also looks amazing, with its signature AMG front apron with A-wing, the large 22” alloy wheels and those red AMG callipers. At the rear you have the signature AMG Quad Exhausts and new branding with the AMG lettering now on the left and model on the right. New styling alert!

    Moving towards the interior you are blessed with typical AMG treats such as luxurious leather sports seats, the AMG Instrument Cluster, DINAMICA Microfibre steering wheel and gadgets galore! Infotainment is on point as usual, and controlled through the COMAND System. The subtle carbon fibre accents and use of high quality material really makes this an executive fitting interior. The Burmester audio system is also an option to consider for great clarity hi definition audio.  The rear seats come with ample space and reasonable headroom for all passengers so go ahead and adventure.

    Little Ride Anyone?

    Driving with the AMG GLE 63s is a powerful sensation. Especially when playing with the Dynamic Select, which differentiates the driving dynamics at the twist of a button. You are able to set the dampening, suspension, chassis and gearbox mood within seconds. Sport mode kicks the car into quick metal, but Sport Plus is where it belongs. I feel like the car is most alive in this configuration, with the most engaging driving dynamics. Gear ratios are held longer, power is more available, chassis is more rigid and you can really feel the difference between this setting and comfort. You also get much more roar from that exhaust which adds a lot of character. If you continue twisting the Dynamic Select, there is even a “Slippery Mode” which we found to be a lot of fun! It looks like a truck of some sort but remember ladies and gentlemen, it’s still an AMG and that means you can really get that intense driving pleasure around the corners if you would like to! Talking about corners, there is barely any body roll for a car this size and weight! It effortlessly tackles the more difficult bends with technical ease. Some great work has been done with the AMG Ride Control Sports Suspension.

    During the time we spent with this car, we learned that even being a newer model to the collection with a new design and new elements, everything changes. However, that doesn’t change a thing. The AMG GLE 63s is every bit of Affalterbach magic as we’d expect. More info over at Mercedes Benz.

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