Napping with baby Beau by Jessica Shyba

    6. February 2014

    Jessica Shyba is a “mother to three children and two pets” and owner of the blog Momma’s Gone City. Originally she started her site back in 2009 to document the steps and life for her family when she, her husband and her children moved from California to New York City. After her children Jack and Zoe pleaded for a pet for Christmas the family went to search for a puppy and finally got a seven-week-old puppy from a animal rescue home. Shortly after a beautiful and touching ritual between the puppy and her kid Beau began.

    “On his third day with us, Theo fell asleep on Beau and I as I rocked him down for his afternoon nap. I was practically howling at the cuteness-and nearly woke them both up,” Shyba wrote.

    Visit Jessicas website: Momma’s Gone City
    Follow Jessica Shyba on Instagram: Momma’s Gone City Instagram

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