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    Clean Water for Langrug: How Influencers are Helping Charities to Make a Difference

    9. February 2019

    Clean drinking water is normality for us. Not only the bottled mineral water, but also the cool water from the tap is in most cases well controlled and thus extremely clean. We quickly forget what a privilege we enjoy in Europe while in many parts of the world it looks completely different. Even in emerging economies like South Africa.

    South Africa is an impressive country in many ways. Nature and landscape are uniquely beautiful and the metropolises of the country inspire with a colorful mix of modernity and tradition – with European influences and exoticism. But just a few kilometers away from the glittering facades, things look very different: The numerous townships are characterized by extreme poverty, poor housing, improvised shelters and lack of sanitation. If there were no support from voluntary aid organizations, nothing would change in the precarious situation of these poor people. And sometimes it only takes small changes that cost little but still make a big difference.

    The journey to Langrug

    Langrug, about 80km from Cape Town, is home to more than 2,500 shacks and over 7,000 people, one third of them have no access to electricity or sanitary facilities. To give them at least access to clean drinking water, the organization “Waves 4 Water” distributes simple but incredibly efficient filter systems. The organization relies on donations for their acquisition and production. One of the big supporters of the project in Langrug is the suitcase manufacturer TUMI, who has been supporting the project for already 3 years. This time we joined TUMI to South Africa in order to implement a long-term mechanisms to change the way water is accessed for years to come with the construction of 3 rain catchment systems and the implementation of 100 filters in the community.

    Clean water thanks to an innovative filter system

    We accompanied Waves 4 Water and TUMI together with other social media personalities and got excited about their great work. But even more excited were the people in Langrug, to whom the new filter systems seemed like a blessing. We explained the simple functioning of the filters to the residents and thus made it possible to enjoy clean water. The filter systems are portable, easy to use and, above all, effective. A single filter can supply 100 people with clean water for up to 5 years. This makes the so-called MVP filtration system the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to bring clean drinking water to the affected communities. A single filter, as installed in Langrug, costs just $ 50 dollars.

    This basic need brings the Township Langrug a step closer to what we mean by civilization. It also proves how little effort has to be made to influence the lives of a large number of people in such a positive way.

    In addition, it shows us that the joyful mentality, the hospitality and the joy of the new “luxury” are significantly more valuable than the things we sometimes consider important.

    This project was supported by TUMILisa Banholzer (BloggerBazaar), Marco Fantini , Ely Gypset, Javier De MiguelRaphaël Spezzotto-SimacourbeMaps Maponyane and mr.goodlife

    If you also want to be part of this project, you can support Waves for Water with a donation! Every penny counts and causes incredible change in the lives of so many.

    For more information about this project, visit uk.tumi.com/w4w

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