Rent David Copperfield’s Private Island Musha Cay for 57k/Night

    21. September 2015

    Magician and illusionist David Copperfield bought this island in the Bahamas almost 10 years ago for around $50 million dollars to make it the “most magical vacation destination in the world”. After buying the island David Copperfield spent another $40 million dollars and five years of his time and remodeled the whole island. The result: Across approx. 280 ha of land there are numerous guest bungalows, a tennis court, open-air cinema, beach pavilionons, 40 pristine beaches, jet skis and just about everything that makes a traveller’s heart beat higher. Besides Musha Cay David Copperfield has also bought 10 of the surrounding islands to complete his vision of a Copperfield Bay archipelago.

    12 persons can rent the main island of Musha Cay for $37,000 dollars a night, while the price for 24 persons would be $57,000 dollars. It’s not surprising that celebrities like Johnny Depp, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey have spent some quality time on this beautiful island.

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