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    The Cambrian Hotel x Adelboden, Swiss Alps

    13. September 2014

    “Situated amid the pristine scenery of the Swiss Alps, and with stunning mountain views in every direction, The Cambrian offers the kind of location that tense desk huggers the world over spend their days dreaming about. Whether you’re here for the unsurpassed skiing on the slopes of the Bernese Oberland, to fill your lungs with all that clear, snow-tinged air in the forests and cow-flecked pastures of the surrounding hillsides, or simply to indulge in the hotel’s high-end dining or unwind in its award-winning spa, you’re sure to leave Adelboden in a relaxed and rejuvenated state. Just look at the cows reclining in the meadows outside. They don’t look stressed, do they?” [Hotel Description]

    Book your stay here: The Cambrian Hotel

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