Intimate Vivanta by Taj – Rebak Island, Langkawi

    5. August 2014

    Vivanta by Taj – Rebak Island, Langkawi, is the sole occupant of a privately owned 390 acres forested island that commands a magnificent view of the Senari Straits bordering the Andaman Sea with a pristine and secluded beach.

    The Rebak Island, named after the native Rebak tree, is one of the 99 isles that make up legendary Langkawi. The island is blessed with a tropical climate, stunning rock formations and lush forests as old as a million years and is ensconced by crystal-clear waters, teeming with marine life that is perfect for a range of water sports and recreational activities.

    The hotel plays residence to the only fully-equipped Marina in Malaysia. Set away from the mainland, the island enjoys an exclusive and tranquil ambience. It is 4 kms away from the main island of Langkawi and 15 minutes boat ride from Port Langkasuka.

    If our lush forests, island views, unique motifs and cerulean blue seas don’t seduce you, our secluded nature trails, private villas and intimate atmosphere will.

    The timbered rooms are set in clusters shaded by palm trees while clumps of tamarind, coconut and local herbs enhance the rustic ambience. The beautiful landscape gardens of the resort have lush flora and a tropical forest in the background. The resort’s landscape allows most rooms to enjoy clear views of the Senari Straits. The newly appointed rooms have wooden flooring with contemporary interiors that retain the charm of a Malaysian dwelling.”

    Book your stay here: Vivanta by Taj

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