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    GT Life With the Aston Martin DB11

    13. February 2017

    We recently had a chance to take a ride in the Aston Martin DB11 – This is the latest creation from the great minds at Gaydon and carries all of the elements that make an amazing grand tourer. Possibly the best out there.

    Specs First, Please!

    The specs then, and there is no surprise here that they are staggering. The DB11 carries a Twin Turbo V12 putting out a sensible 600BHP. The 5.2 litre power plant is coupled with a ZF 8-Speed gearbox delivering 516lb ft of torque to the back wheels. Turbos kick in about 2000RPM and that is when panic on the dance floor begins. The pure emotion and power delivery is a delicious cocktail of animosity and ferociousness with a side of addictive charm. She does 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. Hello! 

    Step Inside

    The interior design is pretty and the seating very comfortable, as you would expect from Aston Martin. There is however very limited space in the back of the GT. You would only have a small child sitting comfortably in the back. They would be screaming with joy and fear, nevertheless. The materials are all of high grade and the leather from the steering wheel to the dash and seating is supple and soft. Tech equipment is significantly improved over the predecessors and now comes from Daimler but everything has been re-touched slightly to maintain the Aston Martin quality and feel during use. Cruise Control is familiar and easy to initialise, whilst switching driving modes is simply a button on the wheel. The entertainment system is fair and i’m sure with the 1000w speaker upgrade (optional) you would be in audio heaven, but who needs that when you have a roaring V12 engine note burbling away in the back?

    Driving Experience

    Enter a big, powerful world of unlimited power. “This could be the pinnacle of grand touring” is what you are thinking as you shift up through the gears. The gear changes are smooth but urgent and the delivery of power is continuous up until silly speeds. The steering is light and easy but direct and accurate. When you open it up and move into sports mode territories you really feel the balance of the car come to life through the suspension rigidity and the steering. The chassis is so well balanced and feels featherweight to manoeuvre in technical corners, this is a great charm of the car because it has a weight of 1,770 kg, which isn’t extreme as say a Bentley GT, but should we say its on a bulking diet compared to an F-Type or an AMG GT.

    Hands down you will enjoy the ride. The DB11 is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

    The pricing for the Aston Martin DB11 starts at £154,000 but I’m sure with a few upgrades you could bump this significantly higher. Fuel economy can be as high as 28MPG but don’t buy this car and drive it slowly, please! We look forward to spending more time with the DB11 and maybe getting a drive on track with it. More information from our friends over at Aston Martin.

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