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    10 Sentences That Can Be Heard While Eating and While Having Sex

    30. April 2019

    There are a few sentences for every occasion that wonderfully highlight a cliché. If you don’t know the context, some sayings could be mistaken for a different situation. When you visit a restaurant you can hear some things you might have heard while having sex. And they are not always compliments…

    The statement “Tastes better than it smells” is one that doesn’t need any further comment.

    “I imagined it to be different” is actually non-judgmental, but in both cases it has a rather negative meaning.

    Also, the sentence “The consistency is disgusting, but the taste is okay” is something that neither a cook nor a lover likes to hear.

    It’s very similar to “I can’t swallow that.”

    However, if you hear “The rest will come soon” it is more likely to arouse a sense of anticipation.

    “Wow, that’s hot” is clearly a comment made during sexual intercourse. In a restaurant, on the other hand, it might be possible that the plate returns to the kitchen. From a culinary point of view, there can be “too hot”, i.e. spicy.

    The sentence “I prefer the classics” can also be evaluated differently. Maybe the waiter in the restaurant has praised the extraordinary dish of the day, which seems a bit too exotic for you. If a man says this while flirting, it means a clear rejection is on the horizon.

    Let’s go a little deeper…  

    “Those are two juicy thighs.” I’m sure a vegetarian will only hear this sentence in bed. In the restaurant, it is a praise for the poultry on the plate.

    If you don’t like chicken legs, you could get carried away with the statement “I’m more into breasts.” In eroticism, however, this could be misunderstood. 

    And when you hear someone say, “Excuse me, can we get in here?” you are either in a packed restaurant or in the middle of a swinger’s club. 

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