• 6 Phrases No Woman Wants to Hear in Bed

    6 Phrases No Woman Wants to Hear in Bed

    23. July 2015

    Being in a relationship good communication is just as important as good sex. Proper verbal communication during the act of love may sometimes even affect the pleasure factor. Ideally, you renounce conversations and act instead. However, if verbal exchange comes up, there are certain things that a woman does not want to hear in bed.

    Below we present you a selection of 6 phrases that will affect the fun level in negative way. Please avoid them. Especially if you intend to spend another night with the woman.

    1. “Who’s your Daddy?”
    You probably know this popular phrase from various adult movies. In real life, you should do without it. There is a risk that the female thoughts will jump over to her real daddy.

    2. “Can you hurry up, please?!”
    No, she can not. She is ready, when she’s ready. Rush and pressure will have the opposite effect.

    3. “Oh Emily!” – When her name is Linda.
    Sure, we all make mistakes. Most of them can be forgiven. Except this one.

    4. “Do you like that?”
    Actually, you should notice whether she likes it or not. This phrase is also a classic made by the adult film industry.

    5. “When do you want to meet my parents?”
    Please, do not! Focus!

    6. “Do you accept Visa?”
    Humor is certainly important. To a certain degree even in bed. However, please avoid such phrases. Trust me.

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