Christmas Guide:
    Gifts for Good Guys

    9. December 2015

    Only a few days to go. The feast of Love is right around the corner. Have you bought all the presents you need? If not, don’t panic. In this christmas guide you will find 20 exciting gift ideas to surprise your loved ones with something special.

    Enjoy Shopping!


    Mr.Burton’s Beard Care Set

    Men love their beards. But nobody really likes scruffy “face sweaters”. Mr.Burton’s Beard Care Set comprises everything men need to give their hairy faces a groomed appearance. The set contains Mr.Burton’s beard oil, a beard brush, a scissor and a comb. The ideal gift for every man – esp. bearded ones.

     (59,95 €)


    TAG Heuer Carrera Heritage WAS2110.FC6180

    TAG Heuer Carrera Heritage

    Is your sweetheart always on time? If not, the TAG Heuer Carrera Heritage Edition might change that in the near future. This fine timepiece feature sapphire glass, an alligator leather and a refined black dial. Timeless and simply beautiful.

     (2.350,00 €)



    The ‘Shadow’ Billfold Wallet by Bottega Veneta

    Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta is one of the leading manufacturers of leather accessoires. The “Shadow” Billfold Wallet features a precious pattern and finest processing. It offers room foor up to 8 cards and a pocket for notes.



    Rusty Bob - Rasiermesser

    The “Rusty Bob” Razor

    Seen enough beards? The “Rusty Bob” razor will transform your hairy face into a “baby face” again. The classic razor has an extremely thin, sharp and stainless steel blade which will make every shaving a success. Shaving will become a ritual and balm for your soul.



    Clive Christian X for Men

    Clive Christian X for Men

    X is a modern fragrance from London and the latest creation from Clive Christian. It is intoxicating and pretty unconventional at the same time. It is based on high-quality cardamon, which is destilled from ceylon and cardamon seeds and later mixed with bergamot and pink pepper.



    9er SET Whisky Steine

    Whisky Stones made from Soapstones

    Do you appreciate cold drinks but get annoyed by watered-down drinks just because of melting ice cubes? Then these ice cubes made from soapstones are the right thing for you. The 9 whiskey stones in total come in a stylish gift box, including a storage bag. Simply put them in your drink and enjoy a significantly longer and colder drink. All whiskey stones are manufactured to a high quality.

    (6,95 €)



    The Bronze Age of DC Comics

    On December, 15th 1978 the dreams of a whole generation of kids became true: Superman, hero in thousands of comics since 1930, made it onto movie screens in full-length. But this art form already started moving into a new direction. Influenced by underground comics and political euphoric mood, DC’s comic were distributed rather in comics shops than in kiosks, while the target audience became more and more mature. This hard cover special edition “The Bronze Age of DC Comics” is for true comics fans and features an original interview with Green Lantern author Denny O’Neil, original sketches and more extras.

    (from 39 €)


    Dents 5-1021 Herren Handschuhe

    Dents Leather Gloves for Men

    Dents is one of the most famous gloves manufacturers from Britain. Even James Bond, alias 007 has been able to convince himself of the level of quality. The company has been manufacturing first-class gloves from finest leather since 1777. A beautiful gift.

    (from 69,00 € )



    Star Wars Darth Vader Sweater

    Admitted: This sweater probably won’t make it to next year’s fashion week. But it’s an original gift idea nonetheless. This navy blue sweater has Darth Vader, in a traditional christmas design, on its chest . Ideal for every fan.

    (from 35 €)



    Genuine Walnut Case for Apple iPhone 6

    This enchanting genuine walnut case will let your iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S merge with mother nature. Made from high-quality walnut, this exclusive case shines with distinctive look and a solid protection against scratches, scuffs and bumps.

    (from 19,90 €)


    Grid-It Organizer

    Cocoon Grid-It Organizer

    The Grid-It Organizer by Cocoon is the ideal companion for your electronic accessoires. It lets you tidily stow your chargers, cables, earphones and other small components. This way all of your electronic accessoires stay in place. The perfect addition to your hand luggage.

    (from 29 €)


    Victor & Rolf Spicebomb Geschenkset For Men

    Spicebomb by Victor & Rolf

    Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb unfolds its full effect in a spicy-hot and fruity-fresh way. Long after the explosion of scents you will hafe the distinctive smell in your nose. The flacon has a cool metallic silver-black optics that looks just like a hand grenade. Once you pulled the trigger – in the figurative sense of course – you will barely be able to evade the explosion of scents.

    (from 65,00 €)


    Shinefuture Outdoor Sports Scooter

    Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

    Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer for the real hoverboard to arrive. But the Smart Scooter might be a brilliang temporary solution. This cool gadget will let you elegantly slide through the streets. It is controlled by your body’s movement.

    (from 350 €)



    Punching Bag by Selab Design

    Was your sweetheart’s year a bit stressful? Then it’s time to reduce stress and relieve tension. The cool punching bag by Selab Design can take some heavy blows due to its high-quality processing and materials. The white leather makes it even look pretty nice.

    (from 230 €)



    Tom Ford Noir Extreme Eau de Parfum

    This fragrance is simply adorable. Tom Ford Noir Extreme is based on extracts from vanilla, ambergris and Australian sandalwood. They cause the fragrance to have this kind of special depth and modern masculinity. The result is a statement of masculine duality – elegant and sensual at the same time.

    (from 84 €)


    DasGut Weinbelüfter Weindekanter

    Magie Decanter

    This gadget is for true wine lovers. The traditional decantation takes a certain time of rest. The Magic Decanter will aerate your wine in a matter of seconds. Open, aerate, enjoy! Introduce yourself as a true wine connoisseur and impress passionate red wine drinkers by serving full-bodied and delicious wine.

    (from 15,80 €)


    NEIL BARRETT Sneaker Low Top CITY

    Neil Barrett Low Top Sneaker

    You can barely do anything wrong by giving away a cool pair of sneakers. This exclusive and elgegant one by Neil Barret is made from black nappa, doesn’t have any fancy applications and is characterized by its simplicity. Neil Barret offers a cool and affordable sneaker “Made in Italy”.

    (from 119 €)


    Nuance Cocktail shaker by Nuance

    Cocktail Shaker by Nuance

    Every cocktail artist will be more than happy about this elegant cocktail shaker by Nuance. It has an elegant design, a practical shape and guarantees success creating your next drinks. The design is by Marcus Vagnby and Karina Menckes.

    (from 120 €)



    Poker Set 300 High Gloss Chips

    The perfect poker set for the perfect poker face. It comes in a stylish aluminium case with acrylic cap and includes 300 high gloss chips, 1 dealer chip, 5 dices and 2 sets of casino quality playing cards. This way games with up to 10 players are possible. Wherever, whenever.

    (from 36 €)


    Armand de Brignac Gold Brut Champagner

    Armand de Brignac Gold Brut Champagner

    A successful year should be completed and celebrated with an adequate champagne. The Prestige-Cuvée Armand de Brignac Brut Gold was awarded Best Champagne of the World in 2010 by Fine Champagne Magazine, prevailing against 1.000 brands during a blind tasting.

    The distinctive golden bottle contains the perfect mix of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay with a complex, full-bodied Bouquet and a fruity character. The perfect gift for experts of good champagne.

    (from 300 €)


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