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    Natasha Poly for Mercedes-Benz: Obsession with an Icon

    10. December 2015

    Mercedes-Benz teamed up with top model Natasha Poly and Japanese designer Atsuko Kudo for its Autumn/Winter 2016 fashion campaign, wrapping both of their models – Natasha and the Mercedes-Benz SL – up in skin-tight latex. This way the photographer Jeff Bark has been able to highlight the distinctive, yet timeless design of the SL.

    For me, my photography is only about light and colour, so in this case I wanted to light the car to emphasize its form and three-dimensional qualities, but having the latex as a second skin so you could see the lines of the car in a new way.

    There are definitely too many beautiful curves in this video. Which ones do you like better? ,-)

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