• Cucumber Gin & Tonic Popsicles
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    Cucumber Gin & Tonic Popsicles

    24. April 2015

    Finally, the days are getting warmer and we’re already looking forward to summer. The rising temperatures let also rise the joy for a refreshing cocktail in the sun. GinTonic is one of the most popular classics and was considered as the favorite drink of the late Queen Mum.

    Now the refreshing classic shows up in a different format: The GinTonic Popsicle.
    Because of the gin, the ice doesn’t freeze as fast a ‘normal’ popsicle but it is still super easy to make and the cucumbers make a nice addition.


    – 3 Becher Tonic
    – 1½ oz gin
    – ¼ Limette, juiced
    – ½ Becher geschnittene Gurke


    – Mix together tonic, gin and lime juice.
    – Place cucumber slices into popsicle moulds, then pour in tonic mix. Freeze overnight before serving.


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