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    BMW Motorrad Ignite Straight Six Project

    24. April 2015

    “In the past year, four known japanese customizers have put the BMW R nineT spectacularly in show with their outstanding creations. By now, the project ‚Ignite Straight Six‘ follows, being created one more time by japanese customizers. This conceals two radically modified BMW K 1600 GTL with six-cylinder engine of a displacement of 1649 cc.

    Another two leading japanese customizers, Kenji Nagai of Ken’s Factory and Keiji Kawakita of Hot-Dock Custom-Cycles, where in charge of interpreting the K 1600 GTL’s six-cylinder engine a completely different way.

    The only retained relations to the original bike are engine and frame, and, in the case of Keiji Kawakita’s creation ‘Juggernaut’, the BMW Motorrad Duolever front suspension. Kenji Nagai’s creation named ‘Ken’s Factory Special’ relies on hand-made aluminum girder-type front forks raked out in chopper style using a modified headstock. The K 1600 GTL’s original full fairing was replaced by a small aluminum front cowl housing the headlight and the stock rear subframe and seat were replaced by a low positioned aluminum seat.”

    For more infos visit: BMW x Ignite

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