• The Famous Five: Things to Keep Us on Track

    The Famous Five: Things to Keep Us on Track

    7. December 2015

    We are all people aren’t we? We have the desire to grow, to travel and explore. To invest and prosper, to rule and to win. We are the most evolved, advanced and sophisticated species to walk this earth. We are creators, engineers, artists and scholars. What we do with our time makes us who we are. Whilst we live our lives and take our quests into the unknown here are 5 things to keep us on track.

    1 Fear

    Fear is something you have to embrace and accept. It will always be there, creeping in the darkness just waiting for your guard to drop. However, it must be mastered. If fear were something we didn’t have inside of us. Nothing would be fun. Nothing would get our adrenaline pumping or increase our heart rate to one of happiness. Fear is needed for us to conquer our journeys so embrace all of yours! Before you leap, embrace the fear of falling, let your nerves bubble and get your head straight; Take a breath and jump. What will come after that is a truly wonderful flight.

    2 Hope

    You accomplish something amazing. You sit down to take a breather and before long something bigger comes up. How far do you see yourself going here? Is it worth it? Can you achieve this end result you desire so much? Yes. You actually can, and hoping for that sense of achievement time and time again, will ensure you receive it. Believe in your abilities and take on the hard work that is required to win at your dream. If you wake up and go to sleep hopeful in every sense knowing that what you do will lead you to your goals you are on the right track, not the wrong one.

    3 Work Rate

    You hear about people making their dreams become reality all the time. The news, radio and TV all show success stories but do you think these stories nature with nothing? Each success story has a foundation. The way the most successful people in life get somewhere is by working continuously until they reach their goals. Now I know anyone could have told you this. The reason I repeat it is because you already know that “the more work you put into something the further it will go” Maybe today you will believe it – Will you put this in to play? If your competition is working whilst you are taking a break then you are falling behind! Get back in the race and WORK until you have achieved what you want to.

    4 Support

    You can be strong, independent, financially stable or broke, but you’re real wealth is your support. Whether it’s your family, partner or friend that keeps you sane, rely on that person/s to help you. The help is there, so accept and embrace it. Without support you will surely find yourself in a mist of selfishness and neglecting those around you will lead you nowhere. You need to let those who love you help you make important decisions and give their opinions and advice. Even if you don’t take it. Look at it like this; the conversation you’ve just had helped you to make your mind up on your next move, right? They love you, so why would they steer you wrong?

    5 “No”

    Get used to being told “No”. It’s the hardest thing to take but is it really that hard to accept a negative answer? There is always a reason behind the famous answer, NO. Whether their fault or your own, if you are not in a position of power to negotiate or determine the outcome of something and are told “no”, then just accept it; Find another angle and attack it instead of waiting in despair or losing energy.

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