A $18,000 Dollar Flight in the Emirates First Class Suite

    29. October 2014

    What is it like to fly in the $18,000 Emirates first class suites?

    Well, it’s definitely a flying experience like no other. My love affair with Emirates started long before I was lucky enough to be given this complimentary ticket to test the A380 first class suites.

    The journey starts with being picked up from your home address by an Emirates chaffeur. At the airport you are guided through fast lane security and a private passport control line before you are welcomed at the Emirates First Class Lounge. Located at Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport the Emirates First Class Lounge provides gourmet dining buffets, spa treatments and complimentary massages as well as a shoe polishing service. You only have access to the lounge as a first class passenger or Skywards platinum member.

    On the A380 there are 14 first class cabin suites providing absolute privacy. Each suite provides two tv screens, your own private mini bar and a full length bed. Approximately 3 drinks after take off the euphoric imagination of never flying economy again kicks in as you are on your way to the showers. The Airbus 380 is the only plane in the world providing full facility showers which you can use up to 30 minutes. Afterwards, snacks will be waiting for you at the private bar lounge where you can have a chat with other passengers sipping a glass of Dom Perignon.

    Back in your suite you can watch one of the 3,000 movies on your personal flat screen, listen to your fav DJs newest album as loud as you want or just press the open and close door button of your suite about 100 times, simply because your suite has a door and you can.

    A few gourmet food menus and delicious drinks later you wonder how you will survive flying economy ever again. You fall asleep curled up in blankets and pillows dreaming about endless flights and are woken up not feeling the slightest bit of exhaustion from the flight. You are the first one leaving the plane being handed your priority luggage shortly before you think back on this flight questioning yourself if it actually ever happened.

    Yes it is pricey but Emirates takes first class flying to another level. Recommend for travelers seeking the ultimate luxury indulgent experience while flying.

    Aricle and Photos by guest author Mareen Schauder aka. Miss Everywhere
    Visit her Website: misseverywhere.de

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