Inside the Rainforest: Hanging Gardens Ubud in Bali

    12. September 2014

    Hanging Gardens Ubud in Bali (previously Ubud Hanging Gardens by Orient Express) is now independently managed. The hotel was completed in 2005. It is set in 3.2 hectares of stunning jungle landscape on an almost 45 degree incline, with 8 levels accessed by funicular and is located 20 minutes north of Ubud, Bali’s cultural and spiritual centre.

    Nestled deep in the heart of Ubud’s rich rainforest preserve, this enchanting five star boutique hotel, designed in complete harmony with nature, has 38 private suites and individual villas with thatched roofs, each enhanced by its own luxurious granite infinity pool, rippling into the jungle below.

    The estate’s fertile gardens produce chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, jackfruit, coconut and lemongrass; all ingredients are used in the hotels recipes and spa products. The gardens feature a variety of bamboos, flame trees and orchids creating a symbiosis of tropical life.

    The five star gourmet restaurant offers a mix of contemporary cuisine with, Balinese influence. While the truly luxurious hotel Spa combines natural local ingredients and ancient techniques, to create beauty therapies and treatments that soothe the mind, rejuvenate the body and energise the soul.

    Hanging Gardens Ubud offers supreme luxury and ultimate privacy combined with five star service, set in the abundant and breathtaking Ubud countryside.” [Hotel Description]

    Book your stay here: Hanging Gardens Ubud

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