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    Marisa Papen starrs in Music Video by Damian Karsznia

    4. July 2016
    © Damian Karsznia | Marisa Papen

    For Cleavage’s latest music video “U No I” Marisa Papen and director Damian Karsznia went to Thailand to capture some beautiful visuals.

    It’s not the first time that all natural beauty Marisa Papen and Damian Karsznia have teamed up and astonished us. Just like their last video Waking Up With Marisa Papen, the latest creation delivers with fine aesthetics and beautiful imagery.

    With his track “U No I” both Dj and Producer Cleavage delivers the right soundtrack, lending the images a special light. Visuals and music definitely invite you for a little daydream.

    Great work!

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