King Of Comfort – The Range Rover Vogue SE

    4. July 2016

    As a new days sun greets us from the window of a plane at 30,000 feet. The pilot announces our landing in not so long and we eventually touchdown in a moderately sunny London.

    We receive a phone call to let us know our Range Rover Vogue SE is arriving today and it’s something we’ve long been looking forward to. Scheduled to meet at the airport after a few busy days abroad we were keen to investigate what this SE was all about. Lets get right to it. Vogue SE is absolutely class and heres why…

    At a glance… This is a state of the art 4X4 vehicle that features Land Rovers TDV6 Engine, a max torque of 600Nm and 258 Horsepower under the hood.

    Vogue On The Road

    Almost instantly, the Range Rover Vogue SE does what it’s supposed to do. It drives extremely comfortably and handles all the bumps, turns, curbs and turds the roads will throw at you. As you could tell from our review of the awesome TDV6 Sport Autobiography, we love our Range Rovers and this was no different. We had the TDV6 in this car and it’s such a fantastic engine in every way. It offers a powerful, economical and efficient solution for the driver. With this chassis though, a slightly longer, broader, muscular and more heavy wheelbase the engine is almost too perfect. It feels like a marriage made in heaven between the mechanicals to the body of the car and I mean the steering, transmission, power delivery and performance. Impressive to say the least, which all adds to a most comfortable ride. Head up display and all around cameras are worthy additions of mentioning too. They work so well and really become second nature to the user for all driving situations.

    We wanted to get on the road and off with this so we ventured on a cruise towards the North to put it through some work. One thing we noticed is the fuel economy vs performance. Driving at our normal pace, without over pushing the car or being “feather footed” the fuel just seemed to last and last, which goes to show the combined 40 MPG and 85L fuel tank make light work of a long journey.

    Vogue Off The Road

    When we took it even slightly off road, almost instantly (in its automatic setting) the car just changed and started taking the knocks and shocks like they weren’t anything to worry about. The 310mm ground clearance and an incredible wading depth of 900mm both helped as we played in the mud ruts and explored some other features of the Range Rover Vogue SE. It just deals with everything until you are ready to get out and the car drops to access height with a push of a button to add that extra convenience for the driver and passenger/s.


    Standard kit with the SE is plenty. You get all you would expect but a few things to note are its All-Terrain Progress Control, Terrain Response 2, the Semi-Aniline leather seats (both heated and ventilated) also not forgetting the amazing sound system by Meridian and the interior ambient mood lighting.

    The end result of buying one of these cars is already clear. You are in a cabin of class and contemporary excellence with an array of technology at your disposal. You can drive safely and enjoyably on or off road. You are most importantly comfortable everywhere you go. Tested at £92,365, take a look at some more information on the SE over at the Land Rover website.

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