The 2017 Audi A3 – Driving the S Line Saloon

    2. July 2016

    Audi just unveiled their new A3 lineup… We were invited to take a look at the new cars at the beautiful Stanbrook Abbey in Worcester, United Kingdom. After testing out some of the variety on a sunny day with great routes and roads, we really enjoyed this compact car and understand why the range it belongs to sells so many units for Audi.

    Our pick of the bunch before testing the new S3 (which we are excited to drive soon) is the A3 Saloon, 1.4 TFSI S line 150 PS S-Tronic, a great drive and car for the size and price (£27,250.00 without extras).

    A3 Facts & Figures

    This is a compact executive car with 150 horsepower and 250Nm of torque. It’s not the most extreme car in terms of its performance but quite impressive for its 1.4 litre inline 4 cylinder motor. 0-60 is around 8 seconds and the car will reach 140mph We aren’t here to write about this car for its track performance though and we aren’t exactly planning to take it for a race. What we are here to tell you about is how good a car Audi have set out to make with the new A3. Already being the best seller for the German monster manufacturer, the new model isn’t disappointing and you should know about it.


    The new car comes with a fresh new selection of technology including the all new “traffic assist” and Audi’s “Virtual cockpit” available as an option for the first time. The car also features Audi’s “smartphone interface” as standard. Cruise control, light and rain sensors as well as the new three-spoke multi-function steering wheel also come in the enhanced standard specification. Xenon or LED headlamps are now standard and a great enhancement for the MMI is an embedded Data SIM for Audi Connect. Good?

    Inside & Out

    This car does look great on the road. It looks premium and it has stance with its wide sporty body and 19” alloys (optional). The newly designed head and tail lights give it an edge, too. We love the traditional A3 hatch body, but we prefer this compact, yet sporty body on the saloon. Inside you are greeted with a new steering wheel, sleek design lines and a 7” Display. Comfortable Leather/Alcantara seats also do the job for those long journey’s.

    It’s a well revised car which has everything you need; economy, practicality and a premium feel with great looks. More info over at Audi

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