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    This Is What a $38,000 Flight Experience with “The Residence” Looks Like

    1. July 2016

    Etihad Airways offers the world’s most exclusive flight experience for the demanding and special guest:  $38,000 Dollars is the price travelers needs to pay in order to enjoy the most expensive flight in the world in the world’s first 12m² big multi-room cabin “The Residence”.

    “The Residence” features a double bedroom, a living room and a separate bathroom with shower and is mainly something for people who are not satisfied with the first class. While the living room has a 32-inch LCD TV, an additional 27-inch LCD TV is in the bedroom. This suite above the clouds is located on the top deck of the Airbus A380 and offers lots of privacy and a personal butler. A selection of exclusive dishes and drinks, as well as the room service must not be missed.

    Luxury has its price

    If $38,000 $ is simply a bit too much, so you get at least an impression of most expensive airplane cabin in the world above the clouds by watching the video above.

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