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    A Palace above the Clouds: The 747 Private Jet

    8. July 2015

    For most of us, a  private jets already means extravagant luxury for traveling over the clouds. However, there is a small selection of people who can afford more.

    To meet these demands, the two aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing provide new travel standards for particularly wealthy clients under the brands Airbus Corporate Jet and Boeing Business Jet.

    The transformation of an Airliner to a Private Palace above the clouds

    The two aircraft manufacturers generally select smaller aircraft models such as the Airbus A320 or the Boeing 737 models for the conversion into an exclusive and highly demanding plane with a palace character.

    A very special and probably very wealthy guest increased this standard. The selection: A Boeing 747-8, a four-engine wide-body aircraft which at the time of its development in the 1960s was the world’s largest passenger aircraft. This Airplane features an area of ​​more than 444m² (4,786 sq. Ft) with luxurious conference rooms, lounges, offices, an impressive dining room and of course several bedrooms.

    The reconstruction was made by the American company Greenpoint Technologies of Kirkland, Washington. The price of this flying palace is $ 367 million – excluding the luxurious furnishings! We wish you a good flight!

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